The process...

Consult Once you have detected a hardware problem, contact Kroll Ontrack immediately at 800 872 2599.

Information concerning your data loss will be collected and instructions on how to ship your hardware for free will be provided.

Evaluate Once received, a data recovery specialist will:
  • Perform a full evaluation to determine the extent of data loss
  • Provide you with a comprehensive list of files that can be recovered, the recommended recovery solution and associated timeline
  • Answer any questions regarding the data recovery process that you may have

Recover Once all of the associated documentation regarding the harware has been received, our data recovery engineer will:
  • Perform the data recovery procedure
  • Save the recovered data to an external USB drive
Return Upon completion of the recovery, our data recovery specialist will:
  • Return the original hardware and recovered data to us or you directly
  • Serve as a resource to answer any post recovery questions you may have

What to do when faced with data loss

The first step in dealing with data loss is the most critical and will determine if the data is recoverable. To keep time and money loss to a minimum, contact Kroll Ontrack immediately and leave your data loss incident in the hands of trusted experts.